Frequently Asked Questions

Basic desserts allow for some personalization, including colors and inscriptions but other customizations will not be made. If you require further customizations please request a custom cake.

No, I will not replicate another baker’s design. All photos submitted are for inspiration but your dessert will look different from the photos.

One month’s notice is standard for custom orders. For classic items, turn around time is a few days depending on availability.  

I require full payment up front. 

To receive a partial refund on your dessert, orders must be cancelled one week in advance. Orders cancelled within the week deadline will not receive a refund. Circumstances may change based on the situation/

Yes. There is a space in the order form to fill out the information of the person picking up the dessert(s).

Not yet! I am licensed through the Arizona cottage law program and am a certified food handler. This means that I produce baked goods in a kitchen that is not inspected by the health department and must produce baked goods that are shelf stable at room temperature. 

I am located in Tucson, Arizona 85710. You will receive specific pick-up instructions once your order has been placed and the deposit paid. 

Yes Delivery starts at $15 and will increase depending on mileage and time to the destination. Delivery days are Fridays and Sundays.

Yes! I can make a variety of desserts, many of which are not on my website, If you have a specific need, please email and I will talk with you about your custom order. 

Each cake is three layers of sponge and two layers of filling.  5 inch cakes produce 6-10 slices, 6 inch cakes produce 12-16 slices, 8 inch cakes produce 16-24 slices, and 0 inch cakes produce 24-32 slices. 

The best way to contact me is through my email at but I can also be reached at 520-762-6737. All calls and emails are respond to within 72 hours. 

At this time, shipping is not available. 

I apologize if I was not able to take your order. Several factors determine whether I can accept an order including if I have the time to make it to my high standards, if the requested dessert is within my skill set, and if it is an approved dessert item under cottage law. If your dessert order was rejected, please email me and I would be happy to take another look and see what I can do to be able to deliver a dessert you would love.

Desserts I am unable to make include cake pops, cheesecake, fruit pies or fillings, ice cream cake, or custard based desserts (ex: fruit tarts). 

I am not a dedicated allergen free facility and therefore there is a chance of cross contamination for all allergens. While I will take extra precautions to accommodate allergens, you assume all risks.

Fair trade is a certification that ensures the product adheres to strict social, economic, and environmental standards. Fair trade ensures that people work in safe conditions and have access to fair wages, while the product is produced in a sustainable way that protects the environment.