Hi everyone! My name is Sierra and I am the owner of Song and Sugar Sweets in Tucson, Arizona. I started this business in early 2021 after being bitten by the cake bug in 2017. I have always enjoyed baking but my frequency ramped up once I moved into my own space. Though my Bachelor’s degree is in wildlife, and I have a full time job as a volunteer coordinator, baking is one of my passions and I am so excited to share my creations with you. As someone who is passionate about conservation, I pledge to use sustainable, fairtrade ingredients in my baked goods. Fairtrade is an organization that certifies farmers are paid fair wages, while also ensuring the farmers are using sustainable practices. These farming practices protect the land and waterways by limiting runoff, conserving topsoil, promoting deforestation-free farming, and limiting the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Each purchase guarantees that you, the buyer, are supporting living wages and safe working conditions for farmers worldwide. You are also supporting the planet, ensuring that future generations will have access to sustainable and high-quality ingredients.

Disclaimer: Song and Sugar Sweets is a home-based bakery in Tucson, Arizona. All products are produced in a home kitchen that may process common food allergens and is not subject to a public health inspection. For questions or inquiries, please contact songandsugarsweets@gmail.com